Ergo Handle

Small details make a big difference. This is why we pay extra attention to details, and decided to make the best ERGO Handle out there.

Pov Cam Plug

All our rigid boards have a dedicated POV camera plug. Perfectly set up, it will be easy for you to adjust and capture your favorite memories during your paddling sessions.

Race Pads

Made with our soft touch EVA diamond structure, this pad will bring you extra comfort with an incredible grip.

Rail Traction

Inspiration is what drives us, and when we tested this design it was clear that we had to get a patent for this revolutionary extra grip innovation. This technology gives extra grip on the rail for better maneuverability during turns.

Soft Top Pads

Made to be durable and comfortable, this structured pad will be the best option for those who are looking for ease and efficiency.

Wave Pads

Using the same soft touch EVA diamond structure as the RACE PADS, these have a kick tail for added support for the back foot.