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Bamboo - Semi PVC Bamboo

This construction is the perfect mix for those who are seeking extra comfort in their ride. It is made with an extra layer of bamboo that will absorb vibrations like no other.

Carbon - Full PVC Carbon

By fusing two layers of multi-axial carbon fibers with high density PVC foam, this high-tech construction reduces the weight of the board between 5% and 10%. The premium PVC CARBON construction will allow for the quickest response and a stiffer flex for better control. The bottom of the board is a smooth sand finish that will create a better glide.


Made with multilayers of fiberglass fusing a high density PVC foam, it’s used as a skin around our lightweight EPS foam. This is our top of the line classic design.

Soft H

Durable - Strong - Accessible
Designed to be durable and as strong as possible, this soft-top construction provides extra impact resistance without impacting performance.


Ergo Handle

Small details make a big difference. This is why we pay extra attention to details, and decided to make the best ERGO Handle out there.

Pov Cam Plug

All our rigid boards have a dedicated POV camera plug. Perfectly set up, it will be easy for you to adjust and capture your favorite memories during your paddling sessions.

Race Pads

Made with our soft touch EVA diamond structure, this pad will bring you extra comfort with an incredible grip.

Rail Traction

Inspiration is what drives us, and when we tested this design it was clear that we had to get a patent for this revolutionary extra grip innovation. This technology gives extra grip on the rail for better maneuverability during turns.

Soft Top Pads

Made to be durable and comfortable, this structured pad will be the best option for those who are looking for ease and efficiency.

Wave Pads

Using the same soft touch EVA diamond structure as the RACE PADS, these have a kick tail for added support for the back foot.


Race Fin

Shaped by Chuck Glynn, this 7” fin is made with honeycomb and carbon fiber. Made specially to increase speed, drive and the efficiency of the LXR and LXT, it’s a winner every time.

Soft Top Fin

This Thruster setup is made with durable polymer that will help with pivoting while allowing for extra comfort in any conditions.

Wave Fins x5

Made with honeycomb and carbon fiber, our 5 fin set integrate 2x 4.5’’ side fins / 2x 3.25’’ double foiled rear fins and 1x 6’’ center fin. The fins give depth grip, hold and drive for acceleration, so set up your board in either thruster or quad configuration.